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It Is Emitting Photons

Q01: Why would you throw away a fully functioning thing to begin with? Q02: Why would throw away anything that has not been used ever? Q03: Why would you throw an unused LED light bulb*, in its original packaging, in the trash**? * It is emitting photons and making light and that is the sole… Continue reading It Is Emitting Photons

Uniform Light

Nothing like a laser. 299 782 458 m/s. Uniform light in a straight line. Continuous stream of particles and wave at the same time. Wavelength is exactly λ = 650 nm (a nanometer is 10-9 meters or in this case 0.00000065 meters). In light wavelength it is long, in relation to the spectrum that is… Continue reading Uniform Light

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See For Yourself

Light (photons) beams travel in straight lines. Please see: Continuous Stream.

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