The Eternal Sound/Noise

…of 100 000’s of them passing everyday? 24 hours a day everyday? And it never ever stops. The 19-century stuff? You do understand that it is not a viable means of transportation. The “One man, One car” concept? You do understand that private motoring is a completely unreasonable practise? And in all honesty it has… Continue reading The Eternal Sound/Noise

Non, C’est Still Pas Extra

A red cap, chequered sweater and partially red shoes is not an extraordinary outfit. It is not “special”, “extra” or “out-of-this-world” for that matter either. It irritates me how deeply the lack of imagination runs. To clarify; baggy (large) pants, turn-ups (folded), a red-and-white chequered knitted garment (well over 20 years old), a red cap… Continue reading Non, C’est Still Pas Extra

Being An Adult

Well, the reason why young children speak in a very loud voice is because they seek their parents attention. If not their parents then basically anyone (living) larger than themselves. It is not that complicated. If, however the parent (most likely male) mimic the child? It is an extremely bad idea (as is screaming in… Continue reading Being An Adult


The battle of the settling of being? “Well, why, do you even have to care about that? Well, I can not just write/say “soul” can I? That’s simply not true. In modern terms since the 1500’s. Descartes and ongoing since then. And I am not a man of the clerk am I? And I probably… Continue reading Rationalism

Come On!

Son/Daughter! It is meant to be entertaining (even though and said with emphasis, try being my son or daughter). Father and uncle can scream that: “Cooome on!” Father/uncle does, to all daughters and sons. Let’s all move on forward! There is a category named “uncategorized” here on WordPress. Mm, that does not really make any… Continue reading Come On!

Ghost Town

I was a Saturday night (yesterday) in the very center of the city (I rarely visit the center nowadays) and it was bizarre. Such a strong and strange void of human activity. Something must have changed in the city… that change scares me. It is like a nuclear winter and/or pure fright. An unusually cold… Continue reading Ghost Town

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I Need To Re-brand Myself

Blir du lönsam, lille vän? Will You Be Profitable, My Friend? Artist: Peter Tillberg | 1972 Photo: Åsa Lundén | Moderna Museet * The picture has been cropped.

Mommy, Why…

Are they building houses in the middle of the water in Houston, Texas and Bombay, India, as well as many other places around the World? Picture: BBC World News.

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