Where They Moved I

This is their new home no 15 they used to be housed in this one at no 26: Béton Brut.

Moving Parts

The actual lift machinery. I’ve never personally seen them in action before. It is what you never get to see on-top of any lift; they’re constantly revolving/moving in either direction. They are the machines lifting the cabin (that you’re standing in) either up or down at speed (in this case +-26 floors). I was surprised… Continue reading Moving Parts

Béton Brut, It’s Not

Concrete is naturally grey, but does that entail or guarantee any trace of Béton Brut? One of the two building constellations pictured above is most definitely not. What about proportion and scale? The public’s expert opinion seems to be that the thing that matters is that they (everything and anything built) should resemble/mimic the surrounding… Continue reading Béton Brut, It’s Not


Gång- och cykelbana avstängd Hänvisning för omledning finns 170m bakåt Pedestrian and bicycle path closed Reference for diversion is 170m back

Rock Hard

There used to be a very large concrete building at this site. When it was demolished a very large rock was unveiled. It had been hidden inside the structure and facade the whole time. I’m curious to know if it will be incorporated into the new buildings or demolished. Tegelviksgatan


A reclad house, it is one out of two located near my living quarters. The chosen materials and finishes made me wonder how it originally looked. The replacement of: facades, doorways, balconies, railings and windows for “non-maintenance” ones are almost always aesthetic catastrophes.