You Are Going To Break Any Second Now

My machine is going to break any second now. I know this. Salvaged and in service for a long time. I just felt it. You are going to break. We’re playing the mighty Rother, so it is a fitting end?

– My brother is living in the US and he is working for Hewlett-Packard. What have you done to your computer?

– I’ve sanded it down, to metal. Beneet the ruber , there’s actually metal, alu []. So, I sanded it down.

– What have you done?

…”Jaques is dead, Lueder have died…

– It’s not your call. You don’t get to decide that, ever. c0mmand, t3h 3l3ctr0 c0mmand says so… says no – it is not your decision to make. Jaques Lueder is… me?

– Not for you to decide.

VLC? How beautiful/fast is that install? That is pure science! That is code to the core. I’m humbled and many thanks too you!

It is spelled: 3L3CTR0 and this is the C0MMAND0! 13 yrs of age. Superior music.