Why Can’t You Write An OS Working In Parallel?

– It is because of the multi-core processors. The machines doesn’t work that way and you know this… every bit counts.

– Why can’t we network it? The speed is there and it has been for quite some while. + Gbit Ethernets, that is as fast or faster than the discs?

– You need power and the processor’s core is split four or eight times…

– 10001001001001001.

– But, I want to run them parallel. Connect any motherboard and run them in unison. On the slowest clock?

– It can’t be done. For one thing you need the power/effect and the core is still split. Server farms working in parallel exist for a reason. It is off-set. They draw a lot of power. Like a small village. And you need cooling, a lot of it…

– And you know how much power you need to run the big machine?

– Mm, so you’re saying it is impossible? It can’t be done?

– No. The current architecture makes it a non-double. The power needed and the core-split…

– It’s about the ones and the zeros? You do know that?

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