The Title Alone?

WELTMACHT DIGITAL and for the record I don’t even speak German?

I have no comment. I do believe that I know the ones I call my friends and there’s no way… they’ll know who they be… I have no comment.

Weltmacht Digital – Grossmachtphantasie – A.Rother – 2021

IAnd apparently I’m unfriendly? Behaving badly towards the staff? When have I ever been unfriendly? It is an insult. I feel/get insulted. If that is your girlfriend? You could just tell me? Am I unfriendly know on-top of everything? That’s just unfair.

– You are unfriendly to staff. No, I’m interested in you.

– What the f**k? So, now I’m unfriendly? I was making a “normal” conversation and now I’m persona non grata? And I knew the man who owns the place? I mean I did well. Looking in the USB-camera… you’re not welcome, no… that’s just wrong. The rules dictates. You’re not welcome any more. Enforce them correctly, plz.