It’s On The Computer!

Shuffle all the songs in my music collection…?

The whole idea caught me by surprise. I left my computer unattended for a while and then I returned bewildered… no, it is, extremely, fascinated, truly.

I would never even I have thought of that idea…

The concept is somewhat understandable, but the collection is 25000 songs’ strong? “Shuffle all?” On 25K songs?

What’s all the fuzz about? Well, to begin with it is not a stream or a playlist. We’re talking about an (my) actual record compilation.

It is my record collection and it is comprised of actual files* stored on one of one of hard-drives.

The tracks are my labor-of-love, the past 35 yrs or so and not all, but most of them have a physical counterpart, a majority of them have counterpart existing in this World.

I’ve never, ever shuffled anything and I do not have playlists. I listen an album at time. In my rather selective 25000 songs’ strong collection.

This is related to a specific problem. Regarding history and traceability on the great Nokia-net, i.e Internet. It may not seem a problem just yet, however it is a problem in this very day…

There are serious temporal grievousness, that I have written/spoken of many times before.

History is memory, and memory is the future right?