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Zainetica, Overcast City, [En:peg Digital – EN39, 2008]

January 19th, 2011 Comments off

En:peg Digital is, or rather used to be the only digital branch of US label n5MD. The label originally started out releasing MiniDiscs. That would be Sony’s quirky and strange MiniDisc format that they eventually decided to discontinue as recordable media in 2006. They then left the US label among a few others with CD:s, vinyl and digital downloads for output.

n5MD has released some of the very best electronic music makers around in the late 1990’s and beyond, for example all-time favourites and (in my mind) unsurpassed Dutch dynamic duo, the untouchable Funcken brothers. And if I’m not completely mistaken, the first Funcken Bros. n5MD release ever made was made using the Quench moniker and I’m also pretty sure that not all that many people knew the true identity of Quench at the time, even if their productions techniques is the obvious give away today…

That was the related history for this time around, let’s move on to the mighty Zainetica and his Overcast City album, definitely completely overlooked by me and dear I say some others… This excellent album starts out with the massive Overcast City stretching some 23 minutes and probably is two or three tracks combined in one majestic piece. Staring off with excellent scenic and continuing on a logical part to my favourite part some 12 minutes in when the mood changes and all the deepness is reinforced with solid bass and the most of the beauty materializes in to solid bass. The seven tracks on Overcast City are all a testament of Zainetica’s musical craftsmanship and mind you only someone in love would ever name a track The World is You, and could you, honestly think of a better thing in this World? It’s a beautiful song as well…

Zainetica’s Overcast City is available at the En:peg Digital site. I suggest you give it a listen right now!

Zainetica, Redirection [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT035, 2006]

April 6th, 2007 Comments off

zainetica_redirAnother accomplished release by Rednetic strong man and founder Zainetica. This time around producing an excellent album for fellow label tycoons Mint and Cheju of Boltfish fame. The pure quality of this man’s productions in combination with the pace at which the material is assembled never ceases to amaze and “Redirection” is definitely not an exception. There are fourteen solid electronic tracks and as many possibilities for audio enjoyment. It’s BOLT035 and you know you should investigate.

Zainetica, When the Time Comes [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT021, 2005]

September 1st, 2005 Comments off

zainetica_when_the_time_comZainetica does it again! “When the Time Comes” is the forthcoming EP to be released on Boltfish (Oct 2005) and the five-track EP is an all-out enjoyable electronic affair. Zainetica continues to churn out tracks with a fierce pace and outstanding quality. The title track “When the Time Comes” floats in the lower realms of the tempo spectrum. “Ruined” got great melody, stringed instrumentation and solid understated bassline. “Names From My Shadow” in its turn features some cleaver engineering based on reversed sound and yes it’s quite freighting. “Shattered Bones” is a juggernaut with dry beats pounding away and menacing bassline. Watch does speakers as you press repeat! Ending the EP is “Eleven Six Four Two” is set I hip-hop beat mode and ends the EP. The beats and bass, the gentle guitar lick creates a very strong track indeed and together with “Shattered Bones” it’s a clear favourite. The short story: “When the Time Comes” is melancholy stricken and brilliant.

Zainetica, People More Fuel [ClickClickDrone – CLICK011, 2005]

August 26th, 2005 Comments off

click11_zainetica_more_fuel“People More Fuel” is the title of an EP that is to become the latest offering from Zainetica on ClickClickDrone or CCD for the regular readers of the ED reviews. The EP bears the same title as his contribution to the excellent and previously reviewed CCD compilation “Red Chair, Blue Chair”. As it happens, it is also one of the best tracks on the compilation. Zainetica’s “People More Fuel” EP is simply brilliant. There’re four well-produced and balanced tracks plentiful of complexity, forward movement and masterfully chosen sounds on this EP. “Where I am Now” displays some rather unique sounding sounds for melody and as it would seem the unintentional underlying sonic theme of insects and in particular crickets that several of the artists reviewed at this time (late summer 2005) seem to favour. That aside “Where I am Now” carries all the attributes of an excellent ambient stricken electronic track. This track also displays Zainetica with less focus on the beats then is normally the case and the end-result is quite beautiful. “From the Interview” brings the beats back and increases the tempo of the EP, but just a fraction and it’s a quite dubby and quite fabulous track at that. The third track out of four is entitled “To Study Anthropology” adds rhythmic complexity and leads directly onto the pièce de résistance “People More Fuel” a complex and delightful track. Indirectly it has already been reviewed, because it was included on the CCD compilation mentioned above and keeping it short: it’s brilliant! The “People More Fuel” and EP show Zainetica in what must surely be the musical form of his life. Where will it end? ClickClickDrone’s got another fine release and Zainetica dominates their field.

Zainetica, Delicate Wings [October Man Recordings – OCTOBER MAN 3, 2005]

May 18th, 2005 Comments off

zainetica_delicate_wings“Delicate Wings” is the title of an excellent album by the ever so talented Zainetica and the newly established October Man Recordings are the ones releasing it. The album demonstrates a perfect blend of beats, nostalgic yet updated and contemporary. It’s thoroughly enjoyable high-grade electronic music. The painstaking task of singling out a really good track fails miserably, simply because there’re too many of them. “Delicate Wings” stretches 11 tracks long and all of them are masterfully produced beats-filled melodic tracks. In short all you really need to have a nice (electronic) musical experience. In conclusion it looks like the empire is growing, you have October Man Recordings, Boltfish and ClickClickDrone acting in secrecy, independently and together they’re showing a hand of force. And artists like Zainetica play an integral part in these demonstrations of power!

Zainetica, Never at Peace [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT009, 2004]

November 4th, 2004 Comments off

zainetica_never_at_peaceIt’s a lovely release, this MP3/CDR release by Zainetica on the Boltfish label. A five-track EP with as many lovely compositions, bass rich with excellent choice of sounds and plenty of warmth “Never at Peace” is a continuation of Zainetica’s “Disorder” incorporated on the Boltfish sampler “Region Zero” released earlier this year.The favourite track on this EP is probably “Feelings That Can Not Be Expressed” with its straightforward beats, heavy bassline and melancholic sounds. It’s the kind of track that is bound for instant replay and that gets better for every listen.”Never at Peace” is quite a fabulous release by Zainetica and it goes without saying that Boltfish continues to release top-quality music.