Zainetica, Never at Peace [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT009, 2004]

zainetica_never_at_peaceIt’s a lovely release, this MP3/CDR release by Zainetica on the Boltfish label. A five-track EP with as many lovely compositions, bass rich with excellent choice of sounds and plenty of warmth “Never at Peace” is a continuation of Zainetica’s “Disorder” incorporated on the Boltfish sampler “Region Zero” released earlier this year.The favourite track on this EP is probably “Feelings That Can Not Be Expressed” with its straightforward beats, heavy bassline and melancholic sounds. It’s the kind of track that is bound for instant replay and that gets better for every listen.”Never at Peace” is quite a fabulous release by Zainetica and it goes without saying that Boltfish continues to release top-quality music.