Complex Routine, Darning My Socks EP [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT010, 2004]

complex_darning_my_socksThe name is new but the artist is not Complex Routine previously released music using the name Sveto the Fool and was also featured on the Boltfish sampler “Region Zero”. Darning My Socks” is a release on par with the recently reviewed “Never at Peace” by Zainetica. This is a beautifully produced four-track EP with as many beautiful tracks. Aptly building his tracks from the ground up, adding element after element and thereby creating a complex routine that is thoroughly enjoyable listening to. Not being lost in the beats’ department either the forward movement of all the tracks is clearly defined.The favourite track on this EP is probably “Darning My Socks (No One Comes Near)” with its brilliant programmed beats, quirky and slightly jazzy melody fused with a bass-filled and warm atmosphere.Continuing the furious release tempo associated with digitally based labels Complex Routine’s contribution “Darning My Socks EP” ensures that the high standard set by Boltfish is adhered to. Once again my compliments goes out to Boltfish and their associated artists.