J.Auer, Fading From Here [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT008, 2004]

auer_fading_from_here“Fading From Here” is the name of an excellent EP by J.Auer on Boltfish Recordings displaying 4 minimal drum machine based tracks. For the simplicity of things they’ve been entitled numerically and in order. The four tracks “i”, “ii”, “vii” and “x” making the MP3 release all have steady drum machine programming basslines and nice sounds. The CDR release contains not one, but 6 bonus tracks! And they all manage to reach the high standard of the previously mentioned 4 tracks.On the sleeve of the CDR the following statement is made: “a laptop, a power supply, some software, some electricity and my emotions” which presumably is Mr Auer’s own words. It captures his latest work perfectly and may also be an explanation to why at times some of the tracks seem stuck in their on loop, leaving the listener waiting for something more to happen. Having said that, exactly the same thing can add to the groove of a track as well and Auer manages to balance this fine line successfully. To summarise, it’s another fine release by Boltfish.