Various Artists, Sudd Autumn Collection 04 [Sudd – SUDDCD003, 2004]

sudd_04_comp“Sudd Autumn Collection” is the third in series of compilations from Swedish label Sudd. It’s a display of Swedish artists active in the electronic music field, the majority unknown to me, but hey that’s how it is, the last place you discover is your own backyard. The collection is heavily slanting toward the electro/house/techno regions (is this a statement void of any meaning?) with the occasional exception. Nim’s gentle and acoustic sounding “Sun and Blanket” being one. It really stands out and it’s simply very good low-key beautiful stuff. Alphaliner’s “Underpass” and the understated sonics and simplified beats another example. Fujasaki delivers two contributions “Master Ho” and “0445AM”. The first has healthy sounding beats pushing forward, a fairly rich sound setting and a strange end. The latter contains a solid beat, birdsong and cello and it also sounds quite nice. Examples of the purist techno take succeeding would be Kenny Black’s retro stomping Americana delight “Elatik”. In short: it contains a little something for everyone it’s a CD compilation by a small Swedish independent label. Fancy one? Visit their website: