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Zainetica, When the Time Comes [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT021, 2005]

September 1st, 2005

zainetica_when_the_time_comZainetica does it again! “When the Time Comes” is the forthcoming EP to be released on Boltfish (Oct 2005) and the five-track EP is an all-out enjoyable electronic affair. Zainetica continues to churn out tracks with a fierce pace and outstanding quality. The title track “When the Time Comes” floats in the lower realms of the tempo spectrum. “Ruined” got great melody, stringed instrumentation and solid understated bassline. “Names From My Shadow” in its turn features some cleaver engineering based on reversed sound and yes it’s quite freighting. “Shattered Bones” is a juggernaut with dry beats pounding away and menacing bassline. Watch does speakers as you press repeat! Ending the EP is “Eleven Six Four Two” is set I hip-hop beat mode and ends the EP. The beats and bass, the gentle guitar lick creates a very strong track indeed and together with “Shattered Bones” it’s a clear favourite. The short story: “When the Time Comes” is melancholy stricken and brilliant.

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