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Hei, Yksi [White Noise – WNR006, 2005]

August 26th, 2005 Comments off


“Yksi” saw the light of day as a demo made by Hei the prolific main artist in the White Noise camp. Hei released the full-length album “Laivoja Ja Junia” on WNR in 2004 and it was subsequently reviewed here at Electronic Desert. WN has opted to release the former demo “Yksi” as full-length CD release with a printed black and white cover with handwritten titles and credits. On this album Hei delivers 10 thoroughly ambient and completely droned out tracks. The production technique used is mix between the surprisingly clean and the extremely dirty, with at times excessive use of static. There’re deep and dark soundscapes, at times pulsating and depicting the dystrophic wasteland we’re all left to inherit and that we in our turn will leave to our offspring, it’s our home, we call it Tellus. White Noise’s musical path has diverged into two distinct trails one on hand the deranged electro/abusive and on the other the thoroughly ambient works of Hei. It’s still an intriguing development.

Hei, Laivoja Ja Junia [White Noise – WN002, 2004]

November 4th, 2004 Comments off

hei_ja_juniaHei is the producer of “Laivoja Ja Junia” the first full-length release on White Noise. This album is an all-out ambient excursion and as such it is clearly benefited by continuous listening. With the minimalist’s approach Hei succeeds in making tracks that are filled with to the brim with atmosphere. At times with a quite sinister underlying theme. He incorporates instruments and/or samples taken from the realm of Finnish folklore including accordion and violin to great effect. The end-result is mystical, beautiful and very much reminiscent of the endless dark forests of the North. White Noise’s musical path seems to have to diverged into two distinct trails one on hand the deranged electro of their first split release by Chambre Noire/Schräge Musik and the upcoming abusive singles’ series. And on the other the thoroughly ambient works of Hei. It’s an intriguing development. And a last note on the current level of education or lack thereof, as it depressingly enough seems that it is not evident that White Noise is a reference to sound and not an ill conceived notion of supremacy… the individual(s) perplexed by the name will probably not read the ED reviews, but anyway here goes: White Noise def. “A random-like signal with a flat frequency spectrum. Doubling the bandwidth doubles the noise power and increases total noise voltage by the square root of two.”

Schräge Musik, Untitled [White Noise – WN003, 2004]

November 4th, 2004 Comments off

wn_samplerx3_2004Upcoming on White Noise is a series of 7-inches (Nov 2004), the handy vinyl format that doesn’t stress an independent label’s economy too much. The series is comprised by three releases by three different artists: Schräge Music featured on the WN001 split and two new signings (or aliases) “Kuken” and “Thallein”. Schräge Musik is first up with a harder than hard track, leaving his quirky electro displayed on WN001 far behind. This techno infused bass kick onslaught is not for the fainthearted. Although it’s seriously lacking in the groove’s department it is at least uncompromised. The flip side continues along similar lines, but is far less abusive and would qualify as a more conventional take on big bass kick techno.

Kuken, Untitled [White Noise – WN004, 2004]

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wn_samplerx3_2004“Kuken” is a newcomer on WN and he/she is responsible for the second 7-inch in a series scheduled for release in Nov 2004. The first track out of two is a beatless filtered construction consisting of a variety of sounds treated in various ways including heavy oversteering. The flip side is also a beatless filtered construction consisting of a variety of sounds treated in various ways. With the difference that there’s a repetitive pattern that could qualify as rhythm. The conclusion can only be this one: it’s noise.

Thallein, Untitled [White Noise – WN005, 2004]

November 4th, 2004 Comments off

wn_samplerx3_2004“Thallein” is a newcomer on WN and he/she is responsible for the third 7-inch in a series scheduled for release in Nov 2004. Thallein sticks out the neck and starts of with some programmed drum machine beats and soaring soundscapes. Effectively building a track that rolls on and gives the impression of holding something back. It’s not revolutionary, but it’s working. In order not to be pigeonholed the flip side offers a beatless track with a fairly scary sampled screaming male in combination with distorted sounds and laughing children…

Chambre Noire/Schräge Musik, Split EP [White Noise – WN001, 2003]

September 11th, 2003 Comments off

DSCN3463A split 12-inch from the latest addition(?) to record labels in Sweden: White Noise. One side features 5 tracks by Chambre Noire or rather 4 tracks and 1 vocal sound experiment. First up is “Uitno Yard” a soothing atmospheric electro track with excellent sounds, undiluted drum patterns and beautiful strings. It’s reminiscent of the early Artificial Intelligence days. “Hidslkj” a slightly firmer electro track that also has great atmosphere, bass and strong melody follows it. “Ranunkula” is a short track with not as strong electro influences, but nice sound selection and apt programming nevertheless. “Perobscurus (Edit)” utilises femal vocals alongside minimal beats and strings, very soundtrack-like composition. Number five is based entirely on vocal processing and experimentation. In all honesty it’s not exactly my cup of tea and given that the four first tracks are a bit short it would have been a better idea to make them longer and leave “9082896701423” on the hard drive. “Tekk” a decidedly ambient beatless track built around a vocoderised voice ends Chambre Noire’s side and it is quite hypnotic at that. Chambre Noire is one of the White Noise label’s founders and managers and I assume that this is also his debut. It’ll be interesting to see what emerges from the black room and onto the white noise in the future, the first release promises more to come and that’s right, Chambre Noire is such a cool name isn’t it? The other side starts off with Schräge Musik’s take on electro and the synthesised handclap is included. The first track “Sector-z” works has an intro and has a subtly pounding bass. “Vorwärts” starts and more electro is to follow, straightforward bassline alongside quirky melody and processed menacing vocals. An electro cut, relaing heavily on influences by great masters such as Cybotron, the drum machines reign supreme in “Weary”. “What is love” switches the sound setting and leans towards EBM and has cords filled to the brim with the sound of the eighties. “See my car”, “Here she comes” continue the look back to the future(?) tracks floating in the midst of the fabric of those days long gone. And the Schräge Musik’s side is ended in a different way alltogether with a mellow sounding warm but short or 63 seconds long electronic outro “en minut”. Exploring the possibilities of the split format to the fullest, you get a lot of different and electronic music for your money and surely this is just the beginning of the White Noise?