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Schräge Musik, Untitled [White Noise – WN003, 2004]

November 4th, 2004

wn_samplerx3_2004Upcoming on White Noise is a series of 7-inches (Nov 2004), the handy vinyl format that doesn’t stress an independent label’s economy too much. The series is comprised by three releases by three different artists: Schräge Music featured on the WN001 split and two new signings (or aliases) “Kuken” and “Thallein”. Schräge Musik is first up with a harder than hard track, leaving his quirky electro displayed on WN001 far behind. This techno infused bass kick onslaught is not for the fainthearted. Although it’s seriously lacking in the groove’s department it is at least uncompromised. The flip side continues along similar lines, but is far less abusive and would qualify as a more conventional take on big bass kick techno.

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