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Hei, Yksi [White Noise – WNR006, 2005]

August 26th, 2005


“Yksi” saw the light of day as a demo made by Hei the prolific main artist in the White Noise camp. Hei released the full-length album “Laivoja Ja Junia” on WNR in 2004 and it was subsequently reviewed here at Electronic Desert. WN has opted to release the former demo “Yksi” as full-length CD release with a printed black and white cover with handwritten titles and credits. On this album Hei delivers 10 thoroughly ambient and completely droned out tracks. The production technique used is mix between the surprisingly clean and the extremely dirty, with at times excessive use of static. There’re deep and dark soundscapes, at times pulsating and depicting the dystrophic wasteland we’re all left to inherit and that we in our turn will leave to our offspring, it’s our home, we call it Tellus. White Noise’s musical path has diverged into two distinct trails one on hand the deranged electro/abusive and on the other the thoroughly ambient works of Hei. It’s still an intriguing development.

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