That would be the mighty R*. Roel Funcken – Balakleya Prospane (DJ Set Final) a 02:30:16 rollin’ mix? Who, why, what and how is it even possible? You need to get there in hurry! No time to waste. Incredible stuff. Compression out-of-this-World. Unbelievable. Picture: A pre-piano by: Rhodes. OK. 47:45 -> that’s it, I can’t… Continue reading R

The One And Only, The Master – Bloid Fraxton

So, you may simply not like it, you don’t understand it or you don’t know what it is? Honestly, I have not heard anything sounding like this, ever. I have never heard bass as crisp like this. Not with that depth, detail and level of compression? I know that it is Roel Funcken. What? Wait,… Continue reading The One And Only, The Master – Bloid Fraxton