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I Went Looking For Avishai Cohen?

August 31st, 2017 Comments off

And I found two? The one I was looking for is a bassist and the other a trumpeter. I mean how strange is that? 24 hours ago I did not know anything about either of their existence.

And yet no more than two hours ago I got to know that there are two… “Will the real Avishai Cohen please stand up?”.

The World is becoming a little bit to strange for my taste. Too much information. Stack-over-flow. Old and young men, orange and disproportional elected by the people threatening to blow the planet to smithereens? What the h*ll is that all about?

As said it was by pure accident not more than 24 hours ago and then the pure accident turned into something extremely unlikely and somewhat unsettling. It is like your new neighbour has the exact same name like you do. Not similar but indeed exactly the same. The likelihood of something of that sort happening? Let’s move on…

One of the (trumpet) albums’ is called “Dark Nights” (2014) and the opening track is called: “Dark Nights, Darker Days”. Eh, well what can I say? Except that it is good music and well executed at that.

And if I may say so it is also a bit unfair. The track list in itself as it happens: I mean “Goodbye Pork Pie Hat”, “Betray (Feat. Anat Cohen)”, “Old Soul (Feat. Anat Cohen, Gerald Clayton)” or why not the stunning and closing “I Fall In Love Too Easily (Feat. Keren Ann, Gerald Clayton)”?

Most striking is the tempo though, it is what sets it apart from many other things produced today. It is steadily paced, excellent stuff. Maybe it is time? Exodus.

Hey, what about the other one? It remains to be investigated.

Scaffolding, State of Constant Reverie [Plastic Sound Supply – PSS023, 2014]

April 13th, 2014 Comments off

pss023_300‘State of Constant Reverie’ is Plastic Sound Supply co-founder and contributing artist Scaffolding’s ninth release for the friendly label. The EP stretches five tracks long and the obvious thing to point out would be the choice to cover the jazz standard and classic ‘My Funny Valentine’ a song that has already been covered numerous times since 1937 when it was first published by the American song-writing duo Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart.

The opening track ‘Child’ is a classic take on the warm-sounding non-vocal electronic music that has been written about here the past years and given that more than a decade has passed, it seems natural that the possible references are and would be numerous. What is equally apparent is the workmanship and beauty of the production. The exact same thing can be said about the second track called ‘Light’ that follows tightly upon ‘Child’.

Tracks three to five are versions of ‘My Funny Valentine’, a track covered by among others: Chet Baker, Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra and Chaka Khan. The two first I can immediately relate too, the third I do know, but there’s never been much spinning of ol’ blue eyes’ tracks in my life. Chaka Khan – well what do you know.

My suspicion towards covers has always been deep and generally I simply do not like them, however, in reality that is nothing less than a ridiculous statement… for one thing one of my all-time favourite tracks (if not my all-time favourite) is John Coltrane’s take on ‘My Favourite Things’ and it is with out a doubt a cover. On top of that let’s not forget the songs that I cherish now that I possibly do not even know are covers to begin with.

The original ‘My Funny Valentine’ version on this release made me think of something that Jamie Lidell and possibly Jimi Tenor were/are “experimenting” with as far as the vocal elements go. Choosing between the two remixes I will single out the CacheFlowe Remix simply because it is the one I prefer musically. David Last’s remix is as competent and runs in a softer yet familiar house environment. They all underline the ingenious plan to include remixes in a release to begin with, at least if you like theme and variation.

At first I was concerned that a PSS release in 2014 would include a track that has (reportedly*) been previously released on 1300 albums and performed by over 600 artists. But, I guess that a good track is and will remain a good track and Scaffolding’s ‘State of Constant Reverie’ take on a classic doesn’t disappoint. The artwork and presentation a perfect match to this well executed release.

Preview and download at: Scaffolding, State of Constant Reverie EP.
Visit: Plastic Sound Supply.


Iuengliss, Down Cosm EP [Plastic Sound Supply – PSS022, 2014]

January 4th, 2014 Comments off

pss022_300Iuengliss returns to the continually friendly Denver based ‘Plastic Sound Supply’ label with the excellent ‘Down Cosm EP’. Iuengliss’ debut album on the same label was entitled ‘Blank Matter’ and it was favorably received here at

The ’Down Cosm EP’ has everything anyone could ever want from a follow-up. My favorite track is: ‘Descent’ and it is fourth in line. That said it is a very subjective thing and would be related to bass.

There are so many well executed ideas on this EP/LP/Album (the denomination is increasingly funny: LP (Long Play), EP (Extended Play) and Album are all related to vinyl, but what do they signify in our digital today? Oh, well that is another topic all together.)

The ‘Down Cosm EP’ is well-produced, contemporary, exciting and all-around interesting electronic music! I have great hopes for 2014 and I for one could not wish for a better start; Iuengliss ‘Down Cosm EP’ on Plastic Sound Supply.

And yes, I need to mention the equally excellent bonus remixes by: Scaffolding (Remix.) What can you say? Forest Cycle Baum (There’s nothing wrong with being empowered by the Funcken Bros.) Oh my this is good! It is a fine line… Downfall (As broken as it is sweet.) We like it! And Rapid Eye (A proper remix.) is just excellent.

Preview and download at: Iuengliss, Down Cosm EP.
Visit Plastic Sound Supply.


January 1st, 2014 Comments off

reboot_2014_2Happy New Year!
This is …

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