No Flash 1-4 1636021119

1st picture was taken without flash with my camera phone’s forward pointing camera. The location? In my very own kitchen the 2nd of November 2019 at 16:36, without a flash mind you. It is an actual photo. This is what what was captured in natural light by my camera phone. It has not been doctored,… Continue reading No Flash 1-4 1636021119

The Lake Of The Gods

I cannot describe it properly. It is some kind of absolute theoretical construct. Lake Mashu in Japan. The “Japanese” way-of-living and/or culture? The closeness and admiration/devotion/worship of nature in combination with a super high-tech culture? The idea of “craft”, (as I’ve understood it…), is that it is not what is being produced that is important.… Continue reading The Lake Of The Gods