Wait, Hold Up, Honestly? What Did You Think Would Happen?

“You was much cooler back in the day…”. F & G 2017. For the record that’s more than likely the truth right there. The “model”? Well that would be my absolute pride and joy! And I am not going to comment the apparent triple irony (what the t-shirt actually reads), wait… I may have just… Continue reading Wait, Hold Up, Honestly? What Did You Think Would Happen?

It Was Known In 1997?

This is a totally unexpected scenario! And I do mean completely unexpected. I have quite a vivid imagination, but this surpasses even that. The stupid battery entities prove them selves at last. In a non-related incident. I turned of the main power to my entire flat*. But my (battery-powered and at all times connected device… Continue reading It Was Known In 1997?

Dreader Than Dread?

That is just so 2017. Prepending, aspiring to or trying to be more, or overcoming or even surpassing the Dread? That is not possible. There is no “Dreader than Dread”. Dread is… Dread. I like the tune though. I really like “Digital Dread” too.


The one who is standing alone in the middle of the room on the empty floor is the clown? Right? Disappointed, again. And you are all concerned? Yeah, right, sure you genuinly are… worried. However, the (actual) responsability is still mine. “Dreams”? Come on? I say “Konsum” and that it all happened decades ago. No… Continue reading Sketch


Let’s stop this nonsense once and for all! Londinium, the year was 43. No, not 1043, 1943 or 2043? The year was actually 43. You take 40 and then you add 3 (according to Western European calender 43 years from zero). That’s when Claudius was Emperor of Rome. Londinium or London as it called nowadays… Continue reading Londinium