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It Was Known In 1997?

April 11th, 2017

This is a totally unexpected scenario!

And I do mean completely unexpected. I have quite a vivid imagination, but this surpasses even that.

The stupid battery entities prove them selves at last.

In a non-related incident. I turned of the main power to my entire flat*. But my (battery-powered and at all times connected device is still functioning.

Yes, so what? But, I was listen and listening to a “Pod-cast”? It is all-is-cached and downloaded to my machine?. I’ve got an e-mail diploma (true story, I do have a diploma in using e-mail) from the nineties?

However, the little one? He barely flinched. The computer and game went down for sure, the phone was working for a couple of hours. The minimum is two screens at any time. You may want to think about that.

* I was aiming for a complete blackout, but did it work though? No, it did not.

So can it or can it not be done? Did tech stop that option? Hmm, I been there twice already in my life and that is in one lifetime…

Finally, why 1997? Is that significant? No, that’s is a completly randomly chosen year. It seemed fitting because the year of the Lord is 2017. An even number, no other reason really.

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