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“There Is A War Going On” Pt I

July 4th, 2017

You see the strange signs around the words in the title?

Well, they are double-quotes. Strange-looking, should I use single or single and double? There are rules for writing and citing.

“There Is A War Going On” is a citation from a song. Whenever you make a citation you should always state the source. I know for a fact that it is Mobb Deep.

This is from a Mobb Deep song… you would know that.

Hm, I wonder quietly, how much wisdom can you draw from teenagers, really (The song is from 1995, if one of the members died in 2017 at the age of… you can do the maths?). Age or subtraction are not the subjects. I believe that at 1995 they were about 18 years old. Work hard, and even if you have talent… the bad man (illustrated by Agent Orange) seems to win. Again, Moob Deep and DJ Premier… could be the best, ever.

A great man said not long ago that his advice was: “Try to be useful (to somebody) and try to be kind.”.

The picture? Well, there is no one (I hope) that is actually contesting that hip-hop was invented and is coming from there? And there is no one (I hope) that actually does not understand the symbolic meaning of the fact that the Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French people to the American people?

To liberation and declaration of freedom (the ideas of them in any case)? Last but not least that the structure was designed by the greatest engineer of his time and possibly of modern times Gustav Eiffel?

That is not the same thing as constructing the tallest standing structure in the World using brute capitalist force.

Let’s all remember how precious those rights and freedoms really are? The right to express yourself freely. The fundamental principle of equality among humans (still men but that is another topic) are?

Let’s not forget the grave responsibility that inevitably accompany those rights? The future generations? The system has a a name and that name is democracy. No other system invented by humans will get close.

There is no way a totalitarian system could fulfil that for even a close majority and that has been tested and proven numerous times throughout history. Totalitarianism has never worked and it will never happen.

The statue? There’s an exact replica in much smaller scale (no I don’t know the scale!) on one of the many bridges in Paris. It is simply fantastic!

Picture: is from http://gnosticwarrior.com/statue-of-liberty.html by Moe, Nov 25, 2015.

I liked the picture. Gnostic? No, that I am not. But, we all live in same World right? I did changed the colours a bit. Never been in there, so I couldn’t have taken that picture. My grandfather was there in 1947, but I’m quite positive he did not take the photo either. And my father forbid me to ever go there.

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