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Plastic Fantastic Or Happy Campers’ Place

May 13th, 2017

I know you do not want to see or realise this fact. I did I short day trip today 2017-05-13 (I watched the third F1 practice) and then I took a short walk and returned to the F1 qualification round…

Long before that… from my balcony (that is even before I have even left my apartment) I can observe somebody in shrouded and outfitted in slippers holding a young child in hand. This fact makes me believe that that person/individual does not understand where he/she is? You would not have heavy snow booths on in any desert (it might be another question altogether) that I ever heard of?

It is not my point however. It seems impossible to raise a young child not understand where you are? You can not pretend that you have not been relocated in some sense or other. You can not have slippers on and full robe on in early May in northern Alternatively, ypu don’t know where you are or you don’t care? If the the latter. That is not going to benefit your children?

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