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I Asked, And You Told Me

May 14th, 2017

…that you are from Mosul in Iraq?

I can understand why you are not happy.

I was born and raised in Stockholm and you are currently in Stockholm, Sweden and that would be my home town and my country?

I live less than a kilometre from where I was born. You need to understand that this is where I was born. Not by my own choice. You can understand that? Bombing hospitals? What is wrong with you?

I can see the hospital where I was born (and that is the very same hospital where my son was born. And I was there when he was born.).

Your attitude towards me? Please, take a look at your home town and your own country will you not? You do understand what I mean?

That is “your” own people in action? Behaving in that way? In your town and in your own country? As previously stated, I can understand why you are extremely unhappy.

However, if you need to be reminded, you are (all) in Europe now and this is the continent of Europeans and of European culture. The birthplace of democracy. And we do not conduct ourselves in that manner. We are civilised and I believe that we wish to remain civilised.

And you are actually and currently in Stockholm, Sweden that would be Northern Europe. This is the “cold” part of the World. You will not be needing your slippers anytime soon and I am truly sorry about that (I really hate the cold and being cold, but this is where I was born.).

I will never set foot in your country, ever, I promise, so you need not worry about that.

Still superior? That is astounding… I mean if hell ever existed on Earth that would be…? I know my own country and my town or at least I used to. Your country? I just don’t know… there must be a reason why you are here rather than there?

But, what exactly are you doing here? Why northern Europe or why are you in Europe to begin with? I mean why are you here?

My late father asked: “Why are they here and what is their purpose?”

I concur and I ask the same question: “What exactly are you all doing here?”

Why are you behaving in this way? Children, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters? Why?

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