Esem, Enveloped [Defocus – FOC364CD, 2002]

After the delightful “Ikae” 12-inch release on Defocus in 2001, Esem returns with this full-length album entitled “Enveloped”. The 13 tracks contained on the CD version all contain brilliant beats programming, bass and beautiful melodies. The compositions are all strikingly well balanced. That is, Esem’s music isn’t at all to be categorized as minimal, but… Continue reading Esem, Enveloped [Defocus – FOC364CD, 2002]

Murcof, Martes [Leaf – BAY23V, 2002]

A very impressive album debut by Murcof released in May 2002 on the Leaf label, it’s a double pack 12″ and it contains 10 personal and equally beautiful tracks. Most noteworthy is naturally the use of elements such as various string and other musical instruments usually associated with classic music and not forgetting the live… Continue reading Murcof, Martes [Leaf – BAY23V, 2002]

Quench, EP [Aim Records – AIM07, 2001]

What, another Quench release from they year 2001? Yes, it’s true these two men seem pretty unstoppable! The Funcken brothers got me cornered and there just isn’t anyone outthere coming close to them, when it comes to putting crunchy beats together with mind altering melodies, melancholy and sheer beauty. This particular Aim release isn’t an… Continue reading Quench, EP [Aim Records – AIM07, 2001]

Ten and Tracer, Keylemon Reports [Inc.Us – INC.US006, 2001]

A very nice release from Ten and Tracer on Inc.Us, the vinyl section of the Belgian U-cover label. This six track 12″ contains a selection of warm and slightly melancholic compositions. You could quite easily come up with an association, music wise, but in all honesty that would be unfair to the artist and this… Continue reading Ten and Tracer, Keylemon Reports [Inc.Us – INC.US006, 2001]

Various Artists, Masonic [Hymen – ¥719, 2002]

Hymen is celebrating the fifth year of record label activities and what better way of celebrating than releasing a double CD? The “Masonic” contains all imaginable music from the electronic music field, exactly in the same manner as this versatile label has evolved during these years. You get it all, from the melancholic to the… Continue reading Various Artists, Masonic [Hymen – ¥719, 2002]

Benge, Meme Tunes [Expanding Records – ECD09:02, 2002]

Benge returns with his first album since 1999’s “Silicon Valleys” on the Belgian label Quatermass and follows last years brilliant 7″ “Baud and Unary” and the subsequent contribution to the “The Condition of Muzak” compilation CD on Expanding Records. As all great artists Benge has his very personal take on electronic analogue/digital music and he… Continue reading Benge, Meme Tunes [Expanding Records – ECD09:02, 2002]

Proem, No_carrier EP [Component – COM108, 2002]

If you’re already familiar with and appriciative of Proem’s work, such as the outstanding “Burnt Plate no.1” album on Hydrant or his “Negative” album on Merck then you’ll not be the least dissapointed of hearing this release. And if you’re not familiar with Proem’s work then the “no_carrier ep” strongly suggests that you should become… Continue reading Proem, No_carrier EP [Component – COM108, 2002]

Quench, A Journey into Electonix [U-cover – 002CD, 1999]

It was a while ago this album by Quench was released, in 1999 to be exact. It doesn’t matter it has stood the test of time in a striking manner. Quench unmisstakable take on electronic music shines through on this release as it does on all their releases. The album entitled “A Journey into Electonix”… Continue reading Quench, A Journey into Electonix [U-cover – 002CD, 1999]

Various Artists, Alba Absurdia [Alba Absurdia, 2002]

A compilation with a somewhat unknown origin, at least as far as the actual label releasing it goes. The “Alba Absurdia” compilation contains 20 tracks all in all, with varying styles, some tongue in cheek samples, which actually isn’t really my cup of tea, but there’re some really striking tracks and fairly experimental tracks as… Continue reading Various Artists, Alba Absurdia [Alba Absurdia, 2002]