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Btb, Sysex EP [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT022, 2005]

December 17th, 2005

btb_sys“Sysex EP” is the latest solo release on Boltfish (DEC 2005) and was produced by Boltfish newcomer Btb. The seven-track EP would appear to be directed toward the open-minded dance floor. The sound is not a revolutionary one and it does contain some obvious musical references, but it still is beat driven electronic music filled with melody. The first track’s “Valentine” it is followed by “Midodi” is a 34 second interlude bridging to “Vip” features dry and metallic beats and atmosphere enhancing melody. It’s a good track and probably also my favourite on the “Sysex EP”. “Tykha” is a lighter affair building on straight beats and nursery rhythm like melody and vocal samples. “Mimomi” has playfulness to it and is filled with electronic music nostalgia of the good kind. “Retek” rhythms based on glitch and steady yet understated bassline, loops effectively and the nostalgia factor rising high as well. In “GnC” things settles down and a beatless ambient affair finishes the EP, clocking in at 02:14 min it’s a bit short. Boltfish 22nd release and Btb’s first on Boltfish in any event is an enjoyable electronic experience if you don’t mind a bit of nostalgia.

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