Yasushi Miura, Connection & Repetition [KP-KP4, 2005]

yasishi_miura_connection“Connection & Repetition” is the title of recording artist Yasushi Miura’s fourth full-length album. I’m not sure if I’m getting this right, but the label would be called kp and the geographical origin is most definitely Japan. In likeness with the previous album “New Type 3001” this album contains tracks aimed at the unsuspecting dance floor. In most parts the same brand of fast-paced mutated techno that was explored on “New Type 3001”. However the use of vocal samples in various states of distortion is more frequent on “Connection & Repetition” and there are some deviations from the big stomping drum scheme. The cover-art design and packaging is stunning and is apparently the artist’s very own. In short: an interesting encounter.