Bluetech, Sines and Singularities [Aleph Zero Records – ALEPHZ04, 2005]

bluetech_sines“Sines and Singularities” could have been made back in the days when the so called ambient dub reigned (another name cornered by those inventive British music journalists), with a lush, warm, analogue bass infused and quite trancy sound all meant to be understood in a the positive meaning of the words. This music derived a lot from house music and was frequently played in the backroom at any respectable dance. “Sines and Singularities” was made by Bluetech and released by Israeli label Aleph Zero. And for those, like me who didn’t know: Aleph Zero is “The smallest infinite integer. The cardinality of the first infinite ordinal, omega (the number of natural numbers).” And on a related subject: damn I miss philosophy! This is their fourth release and the second for Bluetech on the label in question, but since this is my first encounter I cannot say much about the previous releases. “Sines and Singularites” however, contains some really nice music for example the excellent “Forgiveness” and “Pitch Black – Ape to Angel (Bluetech’s evolution rmx)”. If you’re looking for well-produced, warm house influenced electronic music with a dash of dub and trance look no further.