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Conrad Newholmes, Peppermint Styles [Couchblip! – BLIP009, 2005]

December 17th, 2005

conrad_newholmes“Peppermint Styles” is the title of Conrad Newholmes’ full-length album released by the Australian label Couchblip!. The ninth Couchblip! release is an back-to-front hip hop affair, filled to the brim with samples, from movies, forgotten and well-known songs, hip hop vocals and… all and nothing basically. There’re tracks highly influenced by the sound found at the time of the birth of hip hop in the early 80’s, a time when all that was needed to rock the world was a drum machine and a ghetto blaster. Side-by-side with contemporary beats programming and bass handling. A treat if you like beats. If you really don’t like instrumental hip hop maybe you should just leave “Peppermint Styles” be. In all other cases be sure to investigate this collection of awesomely put together classy beats!

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