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Hold Up! My Brothers And Sisters!

October 28th, 2017

What now? Have you listened to rinse.fm? Are you really going to ignore what the hell is going on?

Fine, I can’t do that. I for one did not spend 30 years listening, to ignore it? Too me? That is impossible.

And I will not do it. Pretend that it does not exist? I don’t care, that is simply ridiculous.

Om Unit is playing some stuff that I can’t handle. That’s overstreatch and overstay at the same time. I can’t really comment on that. Honestly, I actually don’t know what to say.

Either you never knew or you don’t just don’t care any more. Murder. Killed me.

The short mixing (I’ve never ever liked that. But, tracks are tracks though). I… there’s nothing I can say at the moment. The sound? The mix? The music? 01:50 min mixing?. That is less than 120 seconds, maybe ADHD does exist after all? 60 + 50 is 110 seconds? A new track every 110 seconds? That is insane.

Your decision. You can not have both.

That is 30 years’ of breaks… UK breaks. Come on? Get a grip? My entire life? I never said anything else? Few cared and now? It does not seem fair too me. I justed liked bass.

That’s it. Enough. “Om Unit” on rinse.fm, the set is days old. 30 years later? I never told you what to like?

No, it was DMX yesterday and Om Unit today. I can’t take it.

Picture: well it is Jeanne d’Arc, the saviour of France as it were and a woman indeed.

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