UK Rules

October 27th, 2017

What now? Are you serious? You can choose any show on

I have my favourites for sure. It is Friday night? My God. 2017? I’m telling you that you can select any show?

And you lot are leaving the Union? I can’t understand that. You can claim your own republic? Londonium together with the Scotts and the ones from Ireland (at last)?

Europe want and need you. Please stay.

The rest? Just listen to it? You don’t really want to loose it? Relentless beats? Hard work. Do you think that you can shop them anywhere?

No, I know for a fact that is not possible. The/that push? It really does not matter now if you believe me or not. I am too old and now I do know.

The R? And I am an European? If you don’t care about the beats? Another story altogheter.

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