Do Have It And Did Play It

That is some odd 20 years ago. Progression. I was sad at the time (musically) and I was looking desperately, everywhere and anywhere. Drum’n’bass was dying or dead. When was this 2000 – 2001? A long time ago. The most progressive musical direction since the Jazz Masters was at and end not played like that. Or I was… left on the dance floor pretty much alone.

I left the “main” d’n’b dance floor at the Fridge (in London). Disgusted around 2000. With the feeling that I needed to look for something else. I need to find the breaks again. Like… the drum and breaks. That I do not and I will not listen to this roauk’n’roll music. The so called heavy-weights… there is so much bass now! Feel the power!

No, what you are playing right now is no breaks and why they were playing was not bass at all it was/is in fact mid-range on high level. And no breaks… so not drum’n’bass or “blipp-blopp” as it were. That is another story.

Ref.: Hydro Electric.