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Four Original Quotes

May 5th, 2020 Comments off

1st – Heter the Smurf eller Snurf?
Unknown, May 2020
A young girl on bike asking her friend (the obvious authority); a perfectly legitimate, relevant and pertinent question. Is it Smurf or Snurf? I’m thinking that an inverted Smurf is a Snurf.


2nd – We’re getting there!
Uncle Dugs, Apr 2020
Uncle Dugs from on the progress made spreading the joy of 1993’s jungle, hardcore and other essential musical styles.

3rd – I remember this tune as if it was Yesterday!
Uncle Dugs, Apr 2020
That would be a tune played in 1993. As the man himself puts it:

I’ve never found music that’s buzzed me like the hardcore, the acid house, the jungle stuff, from the mid/late 80s and the mid/late 90s,” he grins. “There’s nothing that’s ever done that to me again. I’ve never lost the buzz for it that I found the day I went to my first rave. The minute I found it, that was me, forever.

The shout-out frequency on this show is truly something else! It is never ending: crew, by crew, designated drivers, DJs and the rest.


4th – We were in Högängen.
Known, Anonymous, Apr 2020
The place exists, but even though a have extensive first-hand knowledge of the area I’ve never heard it been called that before. It is situated between the two subway stations: Bandhagen and Högdalen, Bandängen is named, whereas Högängen is not. Yet…

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Signs III

May 3rd, 2020 Comments off

The black plaque reads: Kreativitet Kvalitet Kommunikation = Creativity Quality Communication whereas the sign on the door reads: Soprum = Garbage room. However it is a really upscale address in central Stockholm.

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Stop Calling It 3l3C7r0!

April 24th, 2020 Comments off

Once and for all. Please stop calling it electro!

It has nothing to do with whatever you think that you are doing.

Frankly, I find it offensive. In the same way that Swedish House Mafia doesn’t have anything to do with house music whatsoever. Fireworks and clown business in Las Vegas? House music or techno? PSI49NET is… this is electro.

Try Aril Brikha’s monumental Transmat release Deeparture In Time instead. A man possessed and a brilliant, brilliant album – it is the definition and the essence of a classic.

The year was 1999 and it is indestructible. A man possessed.

EDM? Come on. EBM was Electronic Body Music (for the hard bodies), IDM was Intelligent Dance Music (for the breaks people), but EDM Electronic Dance Music? What is that? What does it even mean?

Please just stop being silly. Electro is an actual genre and as far as contemporary music goes it is quite old at that. In any event it is as old as Hip Hop is. That would be from the 1980’s.

Yes, Transmat. It does not get deeper than that. Carl Craig ‎– More Songs About Food And Revolutionary Art. Do you even have a clue?

I implore you, just stop. Please. Because it is embarrassing.

DATE/TIME: 24042020/230300700

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De La Conjugaison

March 21st, 2020 Comments off

Comment c’est dur. What a hard language it is to master. It is impossible. Larousse. That is 10000 verbes and 115 conjugaisons… and my head teacher in French? Would just not let go.

The punishment? It was relentless. Everyday, all day when I went to school.

English was OK. French? My Lord, I got beaten to death every day. My little sister left the school together with her best friend. I stayed and experienced… the abuse.

My History teacher, my Social science teacher, my Physics and Chemistry teacher, my French and Swedish teacher (beaten to death every singe class), my gGeography teacher (was a kind msn and so was the vice principle) and my English teacher (that we used to make fun of…).

The thing is that my mother went to the very same school and her little sister (my aunt) did so as well, we the same school and the same mad teachers.

*- Is he/she still alive?*
“- Retirement?”
“- No, they are my head teachers.”
“- Is W**** still around? That is completely bonkers. He/she is crazy”
“- Yes, and I know that for a fact. One of my head teachers. Completely mad.”
“- What about her? Surely, I don’t think so…”
“- Mm.”
“- Why?”
“- In 1983 I would have been in 7th grade or 8th and I would have known. The antisemitism aka Nazism, chocked me then and it as shocking to me know. I can never understand that. As my father could never understand it. I know for a fact that she is lying.”

“- I went to the school and I know the ones that were bullied at the time. I’m not telling. But she was not one of them. I tried to protect them as best as I could. She is not telling the truth. Anna is lying.”

“- You can jump of any bridge at any time. But, you are not being truthful and I know this for a fact. I’m not telling. However, I was there.”

“- It is just sad.”

Balkan gymnastics teachers? From Jugoslavia? An elite gymnast (6 foot tall, 180 cm or more, at least or an even taller women. Dressed in adidas three stripes red/white) and a handball professional?

Russian style gymnastic education? There was the punishment, every single day.

“- You need to go to school.”
“- Nu har vi gymnastik!”

Varenda dag?

“- This does not seem right?” “- Boys, you go shower now!”
“- You will all take a cold shower, now!”

“- Larousse!”

Heter Enskedeskolan fortfarande. Det var 9:an och året var 1985. Jag vet det… därför jag var där, då.

Det är 176 sido verb och böjnigar på vreb. Merde que c’est dur. Larousse de la conjugaison.

“- Nos ancêtres, les Gaulois avec les yeux bleus et les barbes longe et blanc…”


“- C’est ne peut pas être correct?”
“- On été battu, quand on parle pas le français.”
“- Je connais le français maintenant.”

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No Joke Business

March 20th, 2020 Comments off

Lemond D. Oh my God! This is no joke business!

Mark Fisher would know…that is bass bin trough and through. DJ Krazy, JD, little T, Norman, maybe Adam and Seba would known; fo’su’! J? He would know, It is just like that. Hard like Roger.

Breaks? Dropping hard. No mercy. Destroying my headphones as we speak. Ruthless UK sounds, again? UK bass! There is nothing like it in the entire World.

The bass pressure? My friends? Making/collecting? + Mary J Blige = the Queen sample?

I cannot begin to explain the bass? I can’t explain…

“- How can you explain if the bassline moves you?”

Because, you cannot. Action, not words.

* The title is also the motto of the artist Scorn. It’s well fitting to my mind and I’m still til’ this day unsure that I would feel welcome to Birmingham. It does seem like a pretty harsh place, but you never know, until you’ve actually visited terra firma right?

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Dollis Hill

March 20th, 2020 Comments off

Again? How many?? DJ Kraxy and Seba? On the repeate,it is reinforced; dollis hill; 4-hero, da’ breakz, DJ Stormm, DJ Strech and the history. Give me a fu**ing break! Please will you not?

Dope or die! That’s Doc, Premier or Bobby D from the Wu for you.

She would have said it.. loudly.

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Du Rullar I Hastighet Nedför Götgatsbacken Utan Bromsar

March 20th, 2020 Comments off

Du tar krönet i fart och sen kommer du på… ingen broms. 25 meter nedför? Det är rätt brant men det hade normalt sett inte varit ett problem… med eller utan bromsar, så blir det bli problem vid övergångsstället.

Det är 25 meter kvar till övergångsstället? Cyklar vi in i: pankomaten, väggen eller ska vi lägga cykeln för att stanna i tid?

Jag ser henne rakt i ögonen och det är 15 meter kvar? Blir det höger eller vänster? RR that would be double R. Blir det? 5 meter kvar. Bromsar fullt (nära nog ingenting händer). Hon förstår inte. Ingen av dem runt omkring henne förstår. Det går för fort. Det blir höger. Det är mindre än en meter men jag är rätt säker på att jag får plats och jag har faktiskt ingen broms.

“- Jag har inga bromsar!” De skrattar. Oj oj, det var så nära Södersjukhuset man kan komma.
“- Är du säker?” Varför då, varför det?

Eller? Ska vi manövrera, krångla oss fram i maxfart, precis som på Hornsgatan? Över krönet; Hornsgatspuckeln* du laddar, trampar med hög hastighet. Korsningen Ringvägen/Hornsgatan, du kan inte stanna där och om någon kör ut, då är det kört för dig.

“- Loco!” När man rullar i fart och cyklar om bilarna, genom korsningarna, paketbussarna/jobbarbilarna och flyger över de vita banden.

“- Vad är det som pågår?”
“- Va e’ det som hender?”

De e’ SoSo.

Du är galen! ; ). Med ett leende sa Latinos, jag cyklade om och vidare, fortast av alla genom nästa korsning på Hornsgatan.

Fort ska det gå! För lilla svarta björnen och jag.

“- Du måste vara försiktigt!”

Jag är försiktig.

* Bilden är inte från Götgötgatsbacken men den är tagen rätt nära Hornsgatspuckeln.

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Beyond Belief

March 19th, 2020 Comments off

I know that I should not… do that.

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The Past + Future Or His Story

March 11th, 2020 Comments off

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March 10th, 2020 Comments off

Photo: Snežana Negovanović – Znak pitanja tavern, Belgrade – Serbia

808 tweaked, bass culture next gen… decades ago I honestly thought it was just theory… and now it is reality? My teenage ideas are more real than I could ever imagine?

Now, I have experiences, memories and references that are known to me? Have I projected them? Am I now being presented with… yet, that is what you wanted? Right?

No, that is not what I wanted! It is much to complicated, the bass, the bass culture is a complication. And we do not mess/joke/fiddle about with it; the bass culture. Because either you know the army or you don’t… no matter, the army is always present.

And now the little one knows that fact, Jr knows for shou’. Push, push the bass little one. Your friends are what counts.

Take the lead and then push, push the bass… forward, if you will.He will push the tempest by…

By pure coincident there is/was a really nice cafe named “?” situated in Belgrade a long time ago. Before the war. I think I would find my way there if I ever would revisit the White City (Beograd*) and/or the establishment.

Finally: have you blown a fuse?

That could very well be the case; I just cannot seem to be able to either win or give up. Never ever, ever. Leave me alone, please.

* Most of the buildings are clad in white and used to be just that, white that is and as far as I know Beograd litterally means White City.

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