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Inch-Time, As the Moon Draws Water [Static Caravan – VAN104, 2006]

May 2nd, 2006 Comments off

inch_time_as_the_moon“As the Moon Draws Water” is Inch-time’s soon to be released (MAY 2006) follow-up to the “Icicles and Snowflakes/ Almond Eyes” 7-inch single that was released on Static Caravan (FEB 2006). The current release is a full-length album comprised by 10 tracks. The production is lovely and the sound selection is individual throughout this very nice album. Many of the tracks have common traits, apart from the fact that they’re all based on beautiful melodies fused with deep bass and complex rhythms, they share the masterful production with live sounding instrumentation and an overall jazzy feel. In one word: lovely! Inch-time’s album “As the Moon Draws Water” comes highly recommended!

FortDax, Horizon Seven-Seven [Static Caravan – VAN084, 2005]

March 29th, 2006 Comments off

van84“Horizon Seven-Seven” is a severally limited two track CD apparently containing the music intended for the Van 84 7-inch, when or why it was not released haven’t been disclosed as of yet. The first of the two tracks is the bombastic “Horizon Seven-Seven” starting off with menacing cello-like sounds and building towards a definite crescendo incorporating rather surprisingly harsh sounding drums straighter than Autobahn and layers of guitars. The second track is the quirkier and friendlier “A Beverley Mythic (2004 Version)” complete with nursery rhyme like melody, spinet-like sounds and hand clap. The sound of FortDax’ music is original and perfectly suited for Static Caravan.

Cheju, A Rainy Mile [Static Caravan – VAN112, 2006]

February 25th, 2006 Comments off

cheju_rainy“A Rainy Mile” is Cheju’s debut release for the honourable Static Caravan label. The beautifully packaged four track 3″ CD single starts off with “Traces”, Cheju’s signature is clearly audible and it would be the beats that would give him away, however isn’t there a very familiar yet foreign element in this track as well, a sample of another great electronic musician. “Adrift” features devastating vocals and imposing guitars fused with a healthy beat to keep things moving along quite unlike Cheju and at the same time not. “Hikari” brings the big drum and Cheju sounds to go, it’s just a great seminal track. “Prolonged Reflection” is in a sense a retake on one of his own tracks and probably my favourite of the four on this EP. The build-up is superb, beats, melody and bassline to die for and kind of reminiscent of Bauri’s work actually, but still being a Cheju affair. “A Rainy Mile” – a lovely 3-inch release from Static Caravan counting in at 112! It’s only a 200 series’ run, so I suggest you get yourself a copy before it’s too late…

Inch-Time, Icicles and Snowflakes/ Almond Eyes [Static Caravan – VAN098, 2005]

February 25th, 2006 Comments off

DSCN3465“Icicles and Snowflakes/ Almond Eyes” is the title of an excellent 7-inch produced by Inch-Time and released by Static Caravan. It’s just a pure pleasure listening to and the fact that it is a actual 2005 seven-inch vinyl release is commendable in itself (come to think of it there are actually two 7-inch releases being reviewed at this ED-moment and that moment would be FEB 2006 Anno Domini, how about that!). You get two tracks with warm sounds, ultra rich textures and an expert’s production. Furthermore this release will ensure you the option of flipping the black 177,80mm in diameter vinyl disc from one side to the other for quite some time. “Icicles and Snowflakes/ Almond Eyes” comes highly recommended and it’s severally limited, but the latter circumstance is in no way ED’s responsibility.

Stendec, Untitled [Static Caravan – VAN43, 2002]

July 23rd, 2002 Comments off

staticcaravan_van43_2002Stendec from Expanding Records on Static Caravan! A lovely two-track see-through 7″, free of directions created artwork and all-around nice packaging. The guitar sample sets the analogue feel of “pyat” which is the first track on the single. The straight forward programmed beats and the choice of sounds to build melody works fine. The ending contains some very electronic sounds and creates a nice contrast to the above-mentioned sample. The other side’s “auchinek” is a low-key track with some really nice sounds and gentle beats carefully carrying the track forward, in combination with the underlying sound structure you’ve got a classic in the making. Furthermore these two tracks also clearly demonstrates the uniqueness of Stendec and indirectly of both the represented Expanding and Static Caravan labels as well.