Stendec, Untitled [Static Caravan – VAN43, 2002]

staticcaravan_van43_2002Stendec from Expanding Records on Static Caravan! A lovely two-track see-through 7″, free of directions created artwork and all-around nice packaging. The guitar sample sets the analogue feel of “pyat” which is the first track on the single. The straight forward programmed beats and the choice of sounds to build melody works fine. The ending contains some very electronic sounds and creates a nice contrast to the above-mentioned sample. The other side’s “auchinek” is a low-key track with some really nice sounds and gentle beats carefully carrying the track forward, in combination with the underlying sound structure you’ve got a classic in the making. Furthermore these two tracks also clearly demonstrates the uniqueness of Stendec and indirectly of both the represented Expanding and Static Caravan labels as well.