Inch-Time, As the Moon Draws Water [Static Caravan – VAN104, 2006]

inch_time_as_the_moon“As the Moon Draws Water” is Inch-time’s soon to be released (MAY 2006) follow-up to the “Icicles and Snowflakes/ Almond Eyes” 7-inch single that was released on Static Caravan (FEB 2006). The current release is a full-length album comprised by 10 tracks. The production is lovely and the sound selection is individual throughout this very nice album. Many of the tracks have common traits, apart from the fact that they’re all based on beautiful melodies fused with deep bass and complex rhythms, they share the masterful production with live sounding instrumentation and an overall jazzy feel. In one word: lovely! Inch-time’s album “As the Moon Draws Water” comes highly recommended!