Various Artists, London Electrics [London Electrics – LE01CD, 2005]

london_elLondon Electrics is the result of six collaborating labels: Ai Records, Expanding, Highpoint Lowlife, Seed, Suburb and Uncharted Audio that all have their base in London town, hence the name. This twelve-track compilation is filled with high-quality electronic music not all that surprising considering that it is precisely what one would expect by each and any of the involved labels. The artwork and accompanied website are keeping to the highly set standard. Expanding’s contributors are the usual suspects: Benge and Vessel. Benge who is also Expanding’s founder has contributed with “Panhard” taken from his latest full-length release “I am 9” classic Benge’s stuff and thereby as excellent as soothing piece of electronic music. Vessel’s “State” is taken from his full-length “Resist”. Other familiar faces would be Digitonal and Posthuman of Seed fame. The surprise is courtesy of Highpoint Lowlife a label previously unknown to me that offers two high-quality tracks. Bovaflux’s and Fisk Industries’ both contribute with forward-moving bass enriched delights. This compilation is a testament to London Electrics and it’s a good one!