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Modern Institute, Excellent Swimmer [Expanding Records – ECD23:06, 2006]

March 29th, 2006

modern_institute“Excellent Swimmer” is the title of Expanding’s next musical offering to the World. An interesting release in more aspects than one, since it sees this high-quality label taking a slightly different musical path than usual, yet unmistakeably in that very typical Expanding way, the music made by “Modern Institute” still fit precisely into the overall musical scheme. As is the always the case on Expanding (with the odd exception) the album is also a debut release. If nothing else it is a testament to the clarity of vision held by Expanding’s A&R where each subsequent release offers something new and at the same time offering something very, very familiar. Modern Institute is a duo comprised of Theo Teardo and the cellist Martina Bertoni and the latter fact would account for the dominance of that particular instrument and to great effect I might add. And at times this well executed mix of various acoustic and electronic sounds have striking similarities to both label mates Stendec and Benge. At second thought maybe not all that surprising. To summarise: Modern Institute’s 1st and Expanding’s 23rd album release sees the label go in a new direction, leaves them looking stronger than ever and manifests Expanding’s position as one of the most interesting labels in the World today.

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