Man Får Vara Galen Men Inte Sjuk

That’s what my momma told me. I don’t know? Go ask you momma? If she don’t know? Go ask you poppa! And there is an actual difference between being plain crazy or just sick… it is not the same thing.

The Haddock Dictionary

An unofficial SoSo Perspective parley. It contains vast amounts of foul language (swearing) so paranatal guidance is definitely recommended. Tintin never swear, smoke or drink. Tintin does not have a girlfriend or have… Tintin does not hug or kiss anybody ever… C’est Tintin! It is work in progress; here goes… ============================================ ============================================ Ajee! All bets… Continue reading The Haddock Dictionary

Fire + Fijaka

The mountain that was not there is on fire. Out of control, it is… something else; it is awesome, terrifying yet intensely beautiful, the raw power, scary, mother Gaia and I would like to be there… Ref. Iceland Monitor’s Live Feed.

Don’t Ask

Stock photo… the name suggests or rather means exactly that. I’ve spent decades actively not appearing in photographic contexts. There’s you go… Covid-19 business. I mean litterally my whole life. Decades. I’ve tried not to appear in photos… so… what do ya’ say now? – I can never win? What Do You Know. Scroll down.