The Nurse

There’s someone out there, that may or may not be a dangerous individual. And that would be the very same person that devised this display for a small vaccination clinic in central Stockholm; The Nurse. It is a truly frightening piece of advertisement… – Don’t be afraid, come closer. Give us a kiss!

Punished By Machines

Avid sci-fi reader in my youth (reality catches up). Isaac Asimov is an all time favourite – five (5) rational AI* to govern the World, one for each continent as it were. Then: Ray Bradbury, George Orwell, Joseph Heller, Karin Boye, Stanisław Lem, Philip K. Dick, William Gibson and Doris Lessing… maybe not related depending… Continue reading Punished By Machines

Books II

Yes, it is a book store and next door is the best hat shop in town. The number is up and it is mine, but; I never actually been there. Now, I have been inside and I bought a book… Please: Books I.

Man Får Vara Galen Men Inte Sjuk

That’s what my momma told me. I don’t know? Go ask you momma? If she don’t know? Go ask you poppa! And there is an actual difference between being plain crazy or just sick… it is not the same thing.