Childcare Or Rat-trap?

It used to be a “temporary” barrack childcare center, opposite an actual childcare building. This is was was left. Rat-traps four and some electric installation. Barracks and children are long gone…

Pole No. 25

It’s hard to understand what happened to catenary pole no. 25. Did someone fail stealing it? It is a green, old, quite tall, riveted really heavy steel construction with an equally heavy concrete foundation fixed to an overhead bridge in an orange strap… it just, really, really odd.

The Last One

I have one pcs left of LEGO™ and it this square one. I used to have many, many pieces, now they’re all gone… they were all stolen from me. Twice.

Wings II

Two butterflies. Species: Kålfjäril (Pieris brassicae) Ref.:

White Skull

I don’t know the origin… If you know don’t hesitate telling me: /\writer\/”thewellknownsign”/\ I might have to take action. Please see: Red Skull.