Don’t Ask

Stock photo… the name suggests or rather means exactly that. I’ve spent decades actively not appearing in photographic contexts. There’s you go… Covid-19 business. I mean litterally my whole life. Decades. I’ve tried not to appear in photos… so… what do ya’ say now? – I can never win? What Do You Know. Scroll down.

Proper Old School!

A freshly brewed cup of coffee (never aged more than an hour or so…) served from a see-through glass pot with the cup on a saucer, the refill is mandatory and should be included (one mind you!), a Semla or Fastlagsbulle – never ever to be eaten before Fettisdagen that occurs in February, ever! No… Continue reading Proper Old School!

Sense Makes Sense

This a long time ago… Sense ‎– A View From A Vulnerable Place – Neo Ouija ‎– NEO10LP. I own it, but that is not why I’m writing. It is by definition an excellent, vibrant and truly a classic album. I’m wrtiting about something else… and I’ve been promised an interview (the first ever!). )

Is That?

…a portrait of you? – No. That is a portrait of Malcolm X. – I’m humbled and I choose to take it as a compliment. However, I could as simply choose otherwise… but since it is brother Malcolm… – Maybe, I should have known that? – Yes, maybe you should’ve actually known who the man… Continue reading Is That?