The Last One

I have one pcs left of LEGO™ and it this square one. I used to have many, many pieces, now they’re all gone… they were all stolen from me. Twice.

Wings II

Two butterflies. Species: Kålfjäril (Pieris brassicae) Ref.:

White Skull

I don’t know the origin… If you know don’t hesitate telling me: /\writer\/”thewellknownsign”/\ I might have to take action. Please see: Red Skull.

Books III

Please see: Books I, Books II and Fisken + Söderbokhandeln.

On My Bike’s Seat

Someone left this on the seat of my bike (Princess Yu). It may be a personal message or it may not be so. Once a long time ago I was given as similar message, but in person. I was looked straight in the eyes and was told: “- Look Mr, maybe you should start looking… Continue reading On My Bike’s Seat