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Xela, For Frosty Mornings and Summer Nights [Neo Ouija – NEO18LP, 2003]

July 8th, 2003

xela_frostyExcellent full-length album by Xela released some time ago on the ever-impressive Neo Ouija label. The album starts of with “Afraid of Monsters” with its sweet melody and really warm sounding basslines, which by the way also is the common denominator for this album. A high-pitched rim-shot leads in the second track alongside harmonica like sounding melodies and vocal samples acting as rhythmic support. A small tempo shift is offered in “Japanese Whispers”, hip-hop-esque with its synthesised handclap, moderate use of sampled vocals and lots of atmosphere, thereby serving as a perfect complement to the two previous tracks. “Inbetween Two Rooms” finishes off the first side of the LP is a down tempo dub-influenced track with heartbreakingly beautiful melody, sprinkled glitches and deep, deep bass.The first track on the second side is entitled “Impulsive Behaviour” and has really nice melodies, and a lonely piano that creates an atmosphere filled track with some glitch added for good measure. “An Abandoned Robot” does not only have a brilliant title, but a slow and gentle build-up, terrific sounds and is devoid of beats. “The Long walk home at Midnight” is the jewel of the crown! It begins with a short interlude of glitch, effectively hiding what is to come, a perfectly executed synthetic handclap and a deep bassline. These two elements are moving the track forward effortlessly and in a steady pace, accompanied by harmonica-like sounds and melody. Simply Brilliant! Last track on the LP “Last Breath” is quite mellow, uses vocal samples and a guitar. The album by Xela is awesome and I can’t but wonder what treasures are hidden on the CD version, which apparently holds a couple of more tracks. Hat and cap off to Xela and Neo Ouija, they’ve done it again!

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