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Nynack, Pattern Errors [ON Records – ON103, 2003]

May 21st, 2003

nynack_on103After releasing two outstanding compilations ON Records’ have just released (May 2003) “Error Patterns” a six-track EP by an artist called Nynack. This release does not have much in common musically with the earlier compilations and one reason for this is naturally that it is not a compilation it is an EP by a single artist. It becomes more than apparent while listening the opening track “6minus23”, it’s a fierce, very high-paced number containing disjointed melody, in layers and it sets the tone for the rest of the EP. It is followed by the even faster “00 returns”, mashed-up beats, distorted basslines and a beautiful melody serving as contrast, it works, but the pace is breathtaking. Things settle down in the interlude “Baalogus 2” with soothing harmonies made out of retrofitted sounds. You get a breather, but you better be quick because then “K the Drummer”, whit a multitude of beats and heavy cutting assaults you alongside sinister solitude chords. It ends as abruptly as it starts. Don’t be fooled by “Leaf Pitching” and its sweet sounding child-like intro melody, because it won’t last, the melody literary breaks and is accompanied by cut-up furious beats, some beautiful strings and you even get some white noise. The final track Lqirup_Domr is a short and concise ending to this six-tracker. “Error Patterns” is intense, with a focus on cut-up beats in all its glory and form. This release is somewhat confusing in it’s harshness, but it’s always refreshing to see a label that follows its own path rather than someone else’s and have the courage to change. I suspect that some voices will be raised about heavy drawn musical influences, especially in the two first tracks, but never mind that, this release only emphasizes the need to keep an eye on the future activities of ON Records.

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