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Various Artists, Seed Volume One [Seed Records – SEEDCD06, 2003]

May 21st, 2003

seed_vol_one_cd06Seed Records’ are releasing “Seed Volume One” a CD compilation featuring their entire live roster and some of their forthcoming releases. A total of twelve tracks by electronic household names such as Ardission, Digitonal and label runners Posthuman as well as new fresh and unheard talent. I suppose the compilation is meant to be a road map of sorts to the Seed label and the directions given by the road map are clear, they deal with electronic and electro music. But, they avoid falling into the obvious trap of genres and succeed in staying on the experimental and unconformable side of things. Hence there’re plenty of good tracks on this compilation and something to cater to any electronic music listener’s taste. The first track “Distant Personal” by On/Off is a perfect example of that. It’s built from a precise and clear analogue melody, with tempo shifting upward, processed vocal elements and nice beats treatment, it’s really a treat. Apparently Seed are planning to make an individual release by On/Off and I can just say I can barely wait. Cursorminer’s “Fructalbeak” is a track with some seriously treated funk beats and a kick with a lot of stopping power. Direction? To the dance floor! Fourth track is intriguing in it’s deceiving simplicity, it’s a great electro track, and in fact one of the better I’ve heard this year. It is delivered by Kansas City Prophets and entitled “Detraffec” in likeness with On/Off the future releases of KCP will be highly interesting. Posthuman’s “Moment of Weakness” features some apt drum machine programming and deep bass alongside an atmospheric melody moving towards tempo and beats change. It moves relentlessly forward, slowly increasing the density of the sonic picture and thereby creating an uncompromising and beautiful track. [Snyzch]’s “Snort Porridge (Do Me Mix)” almost defies description, not that the song’s elements are that strange in themselves, but the combination makes me wonder, is it the Porridge or is it the mix? Peachfish “Pushkin” features some serious beats handling and enough of them to make anyone with the smallest inclination towards beats to be more than happy. And you get a lovely break and deep strings, what more could you possibly ask for? It’s in the vein of the grossly underrated Icarus. Ardission, The Video Age, Doubtful Guest and Cold Fusion Mafia all bring their highly personal touch to the compilation. Jazzfinger’s contribution “Cornish Salt” is at the same time claustrophobic, melancholic and beautiful. A piano in solitude is accompanied by assorted sounds and distortions. It’s disturbing and it’s very good, not for the fainthearted and definitely depending on your general frame of mind… The final entry is made by Digitonal and is entitled “Snowflake Vectors” it’s a lovely track, defining an era containing an abundance of high-quality electronic music, and that era is now!

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