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A Social Experiment. You Do Really Not Have Clue Do You?

October 31st, 2017

AI? Machines that are manipulating you right now? – “No I will always be smarter…” No, it will happen soon in a grander scale.

I mean? Do honestly believe that the stock market is controlled by actual people? Wake up! Now! Is there anything more important than economics in our World? Think about it,

Challenge: will I be able to find my little one’s alt. account on social media before he can find mine? *** I had to add without cheating.

Discussion. (The little one slipped and let that the cat out of the bag.. rule/agreement was no social accounts without explicit permission from Control.)

So, we have made a pedagogical bet. Who will find the other’s alt. account first? If even possible? I say Yes, the little one says no.

That is the social experiment part. Can I identify the “little one’s” account among + 1 000 000 000. I think I can… this idea has to do with DJ/Artist Om Unit. I do need to extend this text…

Anyhow, any reader is invited. Can you find my alt. account on so called social media? I could give you a clue, but that would spoil the fun. OK. Can you find it on, non-twitter, non-linked-in, non-instagram and none of the online dating sites. No, I don’t invite/want anyone to go looking for the little one’s.

*** The little one said, instantly: – “Ha ha, that is impossible! Unless you don’t IP-track me.” True. But, if I look in the router’s log past 24 hours it would take me 30 seconds or so. Damn kids. So, no IP-tracking. Information based challenge.

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