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Claim Your Own State? What Then?

October 31st, 2017

Ridiculous. All you have is politicians? That is not a state/nation?

UK the one nation with the most extreme exceptions of all members?

Own currency, hence not in EMU, not a member of Schengen etc.? And they vote to leave? Fine. There must be consequences.

London? Claim your own state/region now? I am a devoted European. London City can become a Republic, Ireland and Scotland? You are more than welcome. It will be complicated and you will have to make sacrifices.

You made a referendum based on populism and you ended up destroying United Kingdom? The UK? What?

CALLING LONDON! UK does not exist any-more? What will you do?
CALLING SCOTLAND! You always talk about independence? This is your chance.
CALLING IRELAND! All the wars, starvation in the past? Is this not the opportunity that you all have waiting for?


No. Free trade. You leave? You are in par or worse than North Korea. Don’t be stupid.

Sudan? Spain is even more stupid. OK.

And I do love Katalonien = but your currency is?
You are a sovereign nation right? An European nation?
Police, army, borders or judiciary system?
The simple idea of a united Evropa created your whole country? And now?
Can you keep the promise to the people?
A state? A sovereign nation? You used to be a member of NATO and now you are a state without defence? Good luck with whole that thing. Madrid sent the Police to beat you up. There are other means of force.
Who is going to represent you in the UN? No, I need a name. Ambassadors in 200 countries? Translators?

“Nationalism” will not solve Evropas problems. Never have and never have will.

Can you keep the promise to the people?

We have other issues/problems. We do not need another populist. First regular election in 1979? And causing trouble now? Maybe not a true candidate to EEC/EU? Maybe need to read up on democracy. EU is not a national bank. EU safeguardes democracy.

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