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I Simply Refuse To Believe That It Is A Single Man’s Work

October 31st, 2017

Proof? None, what so ever. Exerience? Some. Intution? Lot’s of that stuff.

Om Unit? I know that he can mix (I’ve heard it or “seen” him do it.). I know that he can produce.

And I don’t mind the pre-mix, eventhough I preferr the live version. It is generally so much more lively.
– Fine. get to the point. So, what exatky is you objection?
– I claim that there is no way a single/one human put this together.
– What do you mean by that?
– I mean that: there are tracks in this mix that are super old, possibly very well before birth, there are tracks that are super secret, some (must be from last week) stuff that is to new to make a weeends mix of, hidden tracks. Etc.

Can one indivudual really know all that and furthermore finding it all “super-mix” it for a two hour show?

– Maybe it is a very good collector?
– That is a valid question. I’m sure he is. It is not my point. Never said he is not more than qualified. However, no matter your internet. It takes time to collect and to find exactly what you are looking for? It used to take decades and in fact it still does take time.

I’m listening to the “Self” and ofcourse it would help if you’re actually playing your own music. That was not the asumption when I wrote this. Some of the really “new” stuff is self-produced. I’m still sticking to my guns.

I’m as old about that you can get. No, I’m not the oldeset one. I actually think that I know who the elder is the oldest now living. No, I will not tell you. A remix of a remix of a remix of a classic track. You need to get your hands on it though?

Again is not the mixing. No way, one person put this togheter. No. You can’t streatch that long. I have never ever seen a DJ do that. Ever. With breakbeats? I say multiple induviduals or a really freighting machine. I claim it can’t be done. There are to many hits, to many styles, to broad a time-span.

No one can play the hits fro everyone. It is impossible to play all hits…

Simply put, it is to perfect and too clean. You would have to all the DAT:s to begin with? And then get all of them remastered and leveled to perform the perfect mix? Is that possible? 1990’s sound I do know and I do know how it sounded a decade earlier…

The little one said amids my rant: “Om Unit” is that one person or several persons? A perfectly relevant question and a rather interesting idea (not new).

In my mind is clear. Rhe best/cleanst/energetic/bass-filled mix ever without any misstake? Even the titles? “Out Of The Shadows” give me a break!

Machines Are Taking Over

It must be a machine?

I will never be able to prove anything of it. It seems impossible to me. I’ve been listened carefully since early days, avid collector and drum’n’bass is a passion. I just can’t see it being done. Again not the technical stuff. I know. I’m saying that it impossible to construct a set from 1993 – 2017 on your own. It can’t be done by a single person. Not by one man.

I don’t know Om Unit the artist. But, if you want to make a bet. There are tracks and versions of tracks… it is unreasonable that he would not know them.

The americana bits? Brilliant and it could very be from the very former week. More than love for Om Unit, I just can’t really believe it.

Need to review this text. I never write and seldom make public something that I bitterly regret, but it has happened in the past.

*My main concern right now is that there is something hindering my typing. As far as I am concerned my machine could be set on fire. “Key-lag”? I will solve it or it goes out the window. Most important part according to me? The keyboard. An immidate reboot and investigation.

Don’t get me wrong I for one have never ever heard anything like this.

“It is too bad she won’t get to live, but then again who does?”

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