That Is A Lonely Place To Be

– I followed it. The off-balance sheet vehicle. All around the World, around all the corners, through the fu**ing hall of mirrors of your accounts.
And at the end I found it – in our accounts. Listed with that same 8 billion.
– There’s nothing wrong with disguising ownership.
– I thought, worse case scenario. That vehicle is filled with sub-prime bullshit. That you’re underpinning your loans with 8 billion of shaky collateral.
Then I got in Jim. Into the vehicle.
That is a lonely place to be, seeing that’s empty.
Any collateral you had is long gone. Those loans are underpinned with thin air and a lot of those loans are from us…

– Pull the deal or I go public. I want to hear from you from within the hour.

– We’ll cut you in?

– One hour!

Ref.: TV Series: Guilt, 2023.
Was It Straight Forward?