Cheju, A Year Apart [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT012, 2005]

cheju_a_year_apart“A Year Apart” is more Boltfish sweetness (Jan 2005) this time around Cheju’s the contributor. The first out of four tracks bears the same title as the EP itself, that is, “A Year Apart”. The beats and well-composed melody works perfectly with the undeniable expertise in sound selection. “Expodec” is not quite as cheerful and has been equipped with an intro filled with atmosphere enters the groove to lock it all down, tight and secure. It’s an excellent piece of music and it would make wonders happen on the big sound. “Blots” straightforward beats, bassline and atmospheric enhancements. “…tracks with excellent production, warmth and precise sound…” you know what I mean? The fourth and last track “Microform” would in likeness with the last track on the preceding Boltfish release, Mint’s “Manmade nature” find it’s place in any nursery and also has the sweetest of melodies. Mind you it would be a nursery filled with bass and beats at that. In conclusion: Cheju’s “A Year Apart” is not revolutionary, it’s just very good!