Mint, Manmade Nature EP [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT011, 2004]

mint_man_madeBoltfish are flinging out releases and doing so with maintained quality, the QA at Boltfish surely must be working overtime. The piece of Boltfish sweetness currently demanding our attention is Mint’s “Manmade Nature EP” (Dec 2004). It’s a four-track EP by the creator of “Growing Older” featured in the “Region Zero” compilation review from last year (2004). The 1st track on the EP has solid beat and assorted layered synthetic sounds in harmony. The 2nd track “Milk” is pure bliss based on feather light beats, clever panning and synthetic sounds washing in like a mild summer rain. All accompanied by a guitar floating around in the background and a vocal sample. Terrific atmosphere and I don’t even like milk. The 3rd track “A question of timing” sets another mood and has hesitant percussion and played bassline to go. The beat takes on house like form and gives the track forward movement, but the bassline never leaves their side. The 4th track “Little Gift” would find it’s place in any nursery and has the sweetest of melodies, but wait their some foreign elements in this nursery song: glitch. Wisely distributed though, wouldn’t want to upset the little ones and yes we get lovely strings too. The conclusion: a nice track and another great release by Mint and Boltfish.