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Richard Houghten, Slow Poke [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT013, 2005]

February 25th, 2005

richard_slow_poke“Slow Poke” by Richard Houghten reveals another side of Boltfish Recordings or does it really? The EP’s due for immediate release (Feb 2005) contains six short tracks, they’re short exercises of short in acoustic electronic mixture. “Slow Poke” is a continuation of Richard Houghten’s “Untitled #3” incorporated on last year’s (2004) Boltfish sampler “Region Zero”. There’s a strange groove to most of the tracks on “Slow Poke”, the layering and use of reversed recordings adding to that effect. And the minimal and acoustic take is most definitely unique sounding. However, especially catering to my taste is the sixth and last track “Cup” with beautiful bass, unidentified sound contraptions, melody and savvy beats. Weighing in at 3.54 it could very well have been a little bit longer, but then again it’s not only the longest track on the EP, you’ve always got the option to hit repeat!

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