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Polestar, Camplex EP [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT014, 2005]

February 25th, 2005

polestar_camplex“Camplex EP” a lovely piece of music by Polestar soon to be released (Mar 2005) on the unstoppable Boltfish label. The flawless programming of beats, lush sounds, heaps of that all important bass and the overall warmth characterising this particular label’s sound is demonstrated to the fullest by Polestar on this his four-track debut release. The 1st track “Moonbounce” immediately sets the standard with compelling forward movement and melody. The 2nd track “8b12” got crisp beats, laid on a foundation consisting of deep bass and flowing washes of synthetic sounds. The slightly offbeat setting adds to the groove. Simply lovely! The 3rd track “A poke in the eye” is starting with strong melody and some beats sprinkled on top, the track then evolves as more elements are added like a processed choir, setting the background. And a beautiful sadness emanates from “A poke in the eye” and it’s a quite beautiful sadness at that, oh thou melancholy. The aptly titled “This field of beats” is the 4th track and it concludes the EP. It’s a treat, somewhat nostalgic sounding, but not in any alarming way, quite the contrary. With solid electroisch beats accompanied by retrofitted lightweight bassline and great atmospheric soundscapes all progressing hand-in-hand in a very pleasant way. In likeness with “Slow Poke” the “Camplex EP” is also fitted with Boltfish’s new thick soft CD-packaging. This debut from Polestar is promising to say the least and Polestar fits the Boltfish roster like a snug driving glove.

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